Tres Leches Cake.

This recipe, sadly, has no movie/TV story behind it. In trying to meet the particular requests of my brother when choosing a dessert to make, I hunted for a poke cake recipe that would gain his approval. This is regular sheet cake that is drenched in sweetened condensed milk (and sometimes other things too) and topped with whipped cream. They are gooey and sweet, and almost always taste better the day after they are made. Last summer, my mom made a Butterfinger poke cake that was gone in less than 24 hours.

The food blog world LOVES poke cakes, because they are so easy to customize. As I searched for the perfect one to make, I came across S’mores and White Chocolate Caramel versions that both looked great. My brother was not as excited by these choices as I was. As I continued searching, I came across this recipe for Tres Leches Cake. I have had this before, and somehow I never realized that it’s just a more impressive version of a poke cake. Not only do you make the cake and whipped cream from scratch, there’s also three different milks that get poured over the cake instead of just one.

The first layer is just a basic sponge cake. Really it just serves as a base for the milk mixture to be absorbed. It has a teaspoon of cinnamon, which, even through the rich sweetness of the milks, was noticeable. The milks gave me the most trouble in making this recipe. Per Sweet Pea’s Kitchen‘s recipe, I microwaved the sweetened condensed milk in a large bowl with plastic wrap covering it. I guess my version of “low power” was not low enough, because it bubbled over two times. Somehow after the first time getting drips of sweetened condensed milk all over the kitchen I did not learn my lesson. I’m pretty sure the bottom of my microwave will have a nice sugary coating for a little while.

2014-04-18 18.30.52

After thickening what I had left of the sweetened condensed milk, adding the heavy cream and evaporated milk was simple. Once everything was combined, I realized it was far too much liquid for the cake. The recipe recommended letting the cake soak for a maximum of 24 hours, so maybe this would have made the difference. Much like my cheesecake, I did not start baking early enough for the cake to have the proper amount of time to sit. The recipe called for at least 3 hours, I think I maybe gave it one.

2014-04-18 18.41.44


Stiff peaks!

Stiff peaks!

Once the whipped cream was made, I had to spoon out a lot of the excess milk mixture. Even though the cake didn’t sit for as long as it should have, it still tasted great! My family agreed this recipe is a keeper. If you want to try it out for yourself, head over to Sweet Pea’s Kitchen!

2014-04-18 19.40.20


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