These are a few of my favorite things

No, this post is sadly not about The Sound of Music. Rather than have another recipe post, I’ve decided to do a little summary of some things I’m excited about, which are (obviously) all related to food, TV, and movies. There’s a lot out there I want to cook and watch, soI thought doing a post purely dedicated to this would help my obsessively organized self keep them all straight.

True Detective 

I know, I know, True Detective is already over. Somehow I’ve still managed to not find out what happens, as I have yet to finish all. With episodes that are each about an hour long, it’s been hard for me to find time for them all. This show is addicting though, so I know I’ll finish it up soon.


Same thing as True Detective… I hate being behind on TV shows! I have about 5 more episodes to watch before I’m caught up with season 3, which I will easily finish within the week. Every time I think they don’t have enough time to squeeze in an absurd cliffhanger ending, Olivia Pope proves me wrong.

Muppets Most Wanted

The Muppets! Tina Fey! I actually don’t know which I love more. I don’t really care that the movie hasn’t done that well at the box office, I still need to see it.


Keeping with a Disney theme on the movies, I can’t wait for Maleficent to come out. Even though I really don’t like Angelina Jolie (I can’t get over the whole vial of blood thing), the idea of this movie has me sold. It comes out May 30, and already seems to have generated quite a bit of attention.

Caramel Corn

Over spring break I went to Disney World, where I spent a weird amount of time obsessing over the caramel corn in all of the gift shops. They had incredible varieties like cinnamon bun, chocolate covered, and almond toffee. I’ve made caramel corn before and was surprised at how easy it is, and seeing all the amazing options at Disney World made me really want to make it again. There are just so many kinds out there, I’m struggling to pick what I want to do first. All of them look so good!

Here's an example of how pretty Sugarland cupcakes are.

Here’s an example of how pretty Sugarland cupcakes are, via their Instagram account.

Cupcakes with filling

Earlier today, I had a Sugarland cupcake that had a salted caramel filling, and it was amazing. I’ve tried (quite unsuccessfully) to do cupcakes with filling in the past, and Sugarland’s cupcake has inspired me to try again. These Reese’s cupcakes seem like my kind of project.


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